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Username Policy

This policy has received a consensus of almost all Our Property Taxe$ editors.

Choosing a Username

When you register with Our Property Taxe$, you have three name options, Username, Real name, and Nickname.

Your Username ties in with your User ID#, and will always be seen in the upper right hand corner, as well as on your talk page. This name is difficult to change, so make sure that this is the name you wish to be identified by.

Your Real name. The name you choose as your Real name will be the one that will be used to credit you for all your contributions. This name should be chosen with great care, thought, and pride, as it will be displayed on all articles, edits and communications made by you on Our Property Taxe$. You will be referred to by this name so you would want a name that would give you a feeling of pride when mentioned in a blog in any part of the world, or in an award presented on Our Property Taxe$ for your great and outstanding contributions. You do not actually need to provide your legal name when choosing your Real name. Many people chose to remain somewhat anonymous by using a pen name, code name, or shortened name (e.g. Josh W.). Please choose the name that you are most comfortable with. If you do not enter a real name, your Username will be used for all attribution purposes mentioned above.

By default, your Nickname is set to the same setting as your Real name. While it is technically possible to maintain a Nickname different from a Real name, this may create confusion among the community and is usually discouraged.

Inappropriate Names

You may be requested to change your Real name or Nickname if the name chosen is found to be inappropriate for Our Property Taxe$. When requested to make such a change, click on the the following link for ease in doing so. Name change instructions. When your actual Username (rather than your "Real name" or "Nickname") is deemed to be in violation, you will then need to create a brand new account. The name that was found to be in violation will be blocked, and you will be unable to log on to Our Property Taxe$.

  • Examples of names that would be in direct violation are:

    • Names that might imply a position of authority on Our Property Taxe$, such as admin, Our Property Taxe$, sysop, etc.
    • Names that can easily be confused with other contributors, especially the use of names which closely resemble the names of current Our Property Taxe$ editors.
    • Names that are offensive, hate based, harassing, of a sexual nature or inflammatory.
    • Names of living or recently deceased public figures such as celebrities, politicians and other notorious individuals.
    • Extremely lengthy nonsensical names.
    • Names in non-Latin characters cause problems in many browsers for many English speaking readers. Therefore, such names are prohibited.
    • Names that are made up predominantly of numbers and/or symbols.
    • Any other name that detracts or inhibits the ability to productively create a helpful how-to manual.

Examples Of Violating Names

  • Names that violate the username policy:
    • Our Property Taxe$sysop
    • JackHerrrick
    • IHateAllOfYou
    • GeorgeBush
    • thisisareallylongnameewgfnoerwedewef
    • 3657##w36s!!!678687
    • peoplesrstupid
    • IWillKillAnyoneWhoAngersMe
    • hihihihithhhererererpeopleilikedollsareuncool^$S^Y%$S

No Malicious Sockpuppets

Malicious Sock puppets, or additional accounts used for malicious purposes, are not welcome. "Malicious Sock puppets" attempt to control discussions by having multiple opinions and votes in a poll or forum. They also attempt to circumvent policy, a blocked account or scrutiny by maintaining a separate account. Any user found to have used separate accounts for malicious purposes will have all associated accounts blocked.

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